In 2012 Juli Apponen(Fi/Se) and Jon R. Skulberg (N) premiered with their first collaborative work, a site specific performance titled Everything Ends With Flowers in Fredrikstad, Norway. In this project they started to investigate choreography and the movements of a post operated body, a body that could only move for one hour per day in rehearsals.

JULI/JON are not interested in bodies with unlimited possibilities and virtuoso movement repertoire. They are interested in limitations, weakness, tiredness and bodies that are on stage not because they can, but because they can`t. Their work is minimalist and abstract, with no illusion or fiction imposed and every movement, gesture and image is strictly choreographed and composed. The material derives from different memories and the physical traces of them. The work is an intimate collaboration between these elements and creates their performances.

The french writer and philosopher Hélène Cixous texts about writing, litterature and reading of drawings forms a strong part of their methodology.

JULI/JON´s two first performances are part of a trilogy in development. Everything Ends With Flowers, (2012), Everything Remains (2015) and a third piece which is in development.